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May 1, 2009

Game Diary - May 1, 2009: Last Day Off

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It’s my last vacation day before I start at Kotaku, so I’m not going to waste too much time writing a Diary.


Nor will I play any PS3, as the system’s disc drive has faltered and the machine’s going to Sony for inspection.

So today I’ll return to the second of Sega’s more-thematically-sophisticated-than-expected M-rated Wii games, “MadWorld,” mix that with the joyful “De Blob” and maybe even see if I really did like those first couple of hours I played of “Rune Factory Frontier,” or if I was just going mad at the time.

After all, am I the kind of person who can really like a game that’s equal parts farming, dungeon-crawling and girlfriend-chasing?

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  1. Does Run(e) Factory have realistic farming simulations? Like ploughing and all that? I always wanted to know that. I thought Harvest moon Wii would be like that (and work properly).

    Comment by Reeteshinator — May 1, 2009 @ 12:59 pm

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